We have reviewed a few speakers over the course of the blog and recently we got a new one as a tee gift for playing in a tournament.  We got the songBirdie.com bluetooth speaker.  

This speaker is not much bigger than a golf ball.  It does expand out to be larger and if you have the base “pumpin” you can see the expansion shake back and forth.  Ours came with the NFL Alumni logo on it so they can be personalized if you are looking to get one for an outing our company event.  

The speaker does have a good sound quality for the size of it.  It isn’t the best one we have tested but it will do the job on the course.  

There are a few things that this speaker isn’t able to do that others can.  First it isn’t water proof so you can’t get it wet with out ruining it.  The other thing you can’t do is answer phone calls with it.  Most speakers now a days have the ability to answer your phone while its playing music on it.  

Dads Say So, the songBirdie.com bluetooth speaker isn’t the best speaker we have reviewed but if you are looking for something small and compact that you can take anywhere it is the right one for you.  We love listening to music on the course and think it can make the game more fun.  We don’t agree with Judge Smails that “music is a violation of our personal privacy” and think that everyone should have the tunes playing in their cart.  If you don’t have a speaker this is a great introductory speaker to get you used to listening to music on the course.  You may, however, want to invest in a better one if you live in a place where it rains a lot.  

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