Black Friday is quickly approaching so we thought that we would do our best to help you find gifts for the golfers in your lives and help you wow them this holiday season.  Here are some of our favorites and they will surely not disappoint.

Reinland Golf Company

Reinland Golf Company makes some really cool wool headcovers.  We reviewed one earlier this year and really liked the quality of it.  After we reviewed the headcover they debuted some new valuables pouches and have expanded that to wine bags, whiskey bags and shoe bags.  If you traditionally give a golfing buddy a bottle of their favorite spirits, you should spice it up a little and give it in a whiskey bag and also give them a new valuables pouch for their bag at the same time!  Check out all of their other great quality products on 

Liberty Ball Markers

Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a new “Lucky Ball Marker” from our great friends at Liberty Ball Markers.  Not only do they make a great stocking stuffer but being able to get someone a personalized gift for less than $20 you cant go wrong.  With the new oversized markers or Bunker Chips there is a marker design out there for everyone.  If you are needing some inspiration go to their website and get your inspiration to design and order yours today!  

Dirty Larry Golf

Looking to improve your putting?  Look no further than the funniest name in golf training aids, Dirty Larry Golf and The Navigator.  The Navigator quickly attaches to your putter and gives you an amazing visual in lining up your putter square to the target line you want to start on.  If your putter is not square to your intended line you have no chance of making a putt so The Navigator starts at the base of the shot and gets you square.  To order The Navigator go to or visit our next gift idea.

Our great friends at have every training aid under the sun.  If you are making your holiday list be sure to include one or two of the training aids to help your game get better.  If you are shopping for someone and don’t know what to get them, don’t worry they have you covered with gift cards available so the person you are buying for can get that exact training aid they are looking for.  To find them go to!

Selfie GolfComing up shortly we will be reviewing not only a Selfie Golf, but their newest item the Kickstarter.  If you have not seen Selfie Golf, it is a clip that attaches to your alignment stick and will hold your smart phone so you can get a great video of your swing so you can go back and watch it to work on making improvements.  The Kickstarter is a divot tool that is a tool to mark your golf ball with and alignment line, square your golf ball up while your lining it up to putt, can decide the order in which you are going to tee off, keep your grips dry around the green, mark your golf ball and will keep you mind off of your round as a fidget spinner.  It is the all in one tool to keep in your pocket on the golf course! To order yours go to  

Ace Of Clubs Golf Co.

Our friends out of Seattle, Ace of Clubs Golf Co, debuted a new product this year and got away from tradition.  They made their Cork Collection of yardage book covers, scorecard holders and cash covers and they are awesome.  The are made of Grade A cork, the highest quality of a natural and renewable resource that is extremely durable and water resistant!  We got one to review and it was engraved with our logo on it and the logo looked awesome on there!  Ranging between $20 and $29 you can’t beat the price on the Cork Collection if you are looking for a great stocking stuffer (engraving does cost extra).  To order yours go to

Dormie Workshop

The guys at Dormie Workshop have been busying designing more products for everyone out there to customize.  They now have a new mallet putter cover that you can fully customize, just like all of their other products.  The ability to design your own cover is what makes Dormie different than anyone else out there and because of that it is a fan favorite of The Golfing Dads.  Along with the mallet covers Dormie also has a new journal cover that you can use to keep track of your golf scores, track who has been naughty and who has been nice, make the grocery list or use it in the office and be the talk of your business meeting.  You can get one ordered with your name or initials on it so people know not to touch what is yours.  To order your mallet cover or journal cover go to  

Bradley Putters

If you are looking for a gift that the person getting it will fall in love before they even get their hands on it go visit Bradley Putters.  They make custom wooden putters that are amazing.  You go on line and customize them however you like.  The feel is just as good as any tour putter out there and the talk about your putter in your group will be second to none.  The box that the putter will come in wont even need gift wrap on it, all you will need to do is put a bow on it and leave it under your tree.  We really like the look of the new headcovers that come with the putters too.  Be sure to order your quickly as they are custom and will take a bit to make and ship.  Go to to order it now!

Swing Caddie

Launch monitors can be expensive, VERY expensive.  Coming up we will have a review of the Swing Caddie SC200 launch monitor, but we didn’t want to miss out and telling you to include this on your holiday wish list.  For under $350 you can get a device the size of your iPhone that will tell you the carry distance, club head speed, ball speed and smash factor.  There are games you can play on it to keep your practice sessions interesting and it is so easy to set up you can use it very easily during your practice rounds.  To order yours go to

Qwik Fold 2.0 Push Cart


For those of you looking to get something for the golfer who likes to walk 18 holes you need to go to and order the Qwik Fold 2.0 Push Cart.  Recently we reviewed the 3 wheel version during our round at Streamsong Red and were very impressed by the easy assembly, easy of use and just how great the cart performed.  We wished we could walk more in Central Florida because we really want to use the cart more!  If you are using another cart you need to upgrade now to the Qwik Fold 2.0 so go to and order yours now!

Short Golf

If you have a child who is getting the golf bug make sure you check out our recent review of Short Golf.  It is the future of growing the game of golf.  It makes golf fun, enjoyable and allows children to learn the fundamentals right from the beginning.  It will also get them hooked and want to come back and play more.  Our children are going to learn how to play with Short Golf and if you want to teach your kids or grand kids make sure this is under your tree this holiday season.  To order your Short Golf set go to!

Dads Say So, Happy Holidays!  Sure there are golf vacations you could book, course and golf shop gift cards to buy or that new $500 driver but our gift guide is a few of the products we have recently reviewed and a couple we have up and coming.  If you are looking for other ideas make sure you check out other product reviews on the Dads Say So page as there are plenty more out there to take advantage of.  We hope that everyone has a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.  Make sure you order in plenty of time so that perfect gift will get there in time!  Keep checking back for more reviews!  For now it is time to start prepping the turkey!  


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