Last week was the annual meeting for The First Tee and it happened to be in The Golfing Dads back yard so we joined our great friends from Golf Training Aids and met with John Leighton and Wally Armstrong.  They were there demonstrating, what may be, the greatest way to teach children and beginners how to play golf.  Its called Short Golf!

Short Golf is a game played with over-sized clubs that have a unique shaped grip that teaches a very neutral grip and you use a tennis ball to hit into targets that are Velcro!  There is a teeing area that you can tee every shot up with to have more fun. The most enjoyment you can have when learning how to play is when you hit the ball and it goes up in the air.  Due to the size of the balls, clubs and the teeing area it is achieved with relative ease and will keep the children interested in coming back and having more fun.  

There are multiple targets that you can get for Short Golf.  There is a net target (looks like a chipping net you would find on the driving range), a Velcro bulls eye target that you can lay flat or attach to the net, the putting cup as well as a triangular Velcro wedges that has point values on it to use as targets for totals as well as a chipping wedge to work on getting the ball up in the air when you chip.  

For putting there is an over-sized putter and there are larger putting disc’s that react just like a golf hole would if the putt is too firm it will not stay in so they can learn touch and feel.  This is really cool and the only thing missing is that great sound we all love when the ball goes in the cup on the golf course.  

One of the really cool things that you can do with Short Golf is set up a 6 hole course that you can play on and all you need to have is a Soccer Pitch.  You can set up the teeing areas with the tees provided, greens with the targets in the middle of them and some people looking to have an awesome time!  Next year Short Golf will be at multiple different PGA Tour events for people to try it out in conjunction with the event with this very set up.  Short Golf is an officially licensed product of the PGA Tour and they are using it to try to grow the game!  

Dads Say So, we are sold with Short Golf and you need to be too!  Our kids are going to use this to learn how to play the game.  The first thing about Short Golf is how fun it is.  It keeps it simple, enjoyable and if you make a mistake just grab another tennis ball and put it on the tee and hit another one.  We really look forward to posting pictures of our kids playing Short Golf and improving their game and if you are a parent of a child interested in golf, a PGA Professional, Golf School or a School System looking for a way to introduce golf into the PE Curriculum Short Golf is the way to go.  To order yours go to either or our friends at and get yours now!  This is the way to teach golf to children, today and for years to come!  

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