Golf course memberships can cost a lot of money.  Depending on the golf club, amount of usage and location they can cost a lot of money, and if it rains you will be sitting in the 19th hole not able to swing a club.  That is until now with our great friends at Topgolf and their Platinum Memberships. 

Topgolf offers two types of memberships, both of which have their own benefits.  They have the Platinum Membership and the Corporate Platinum Membership.  Both of the memberships include an express check in and you get moved to the top of the wait list.  Each one gets you discounts on food and beverage and private events as well as League discounts, hole in one prizes, and they can be paid annually or monthly.  

The memberships can be used Monday-Wednesday any time; Thursday and Friday from open to 5pm; Saturday from open to noon; Sunday from open to noon and from 5pm to close.  They also include additional game play credits every month that you can use during the peak times.  The Corporate Platinum Membership allows you to transfer the cards to your employees and clients, a great benefit to a business to treat your employees to a great night out.  

Both of the memberships have a $125 initiation fee associated with them (the Corporate ones are per card you get).  The Platinum Membership costs $250 per month.  The Corporate Membership starts at $425 a month for one card that can be divided between 6 people.  That works out to $70.83 per person for the month.  If you have 5 friends that would split this it can really work out to be a great deal and give you a lot of Topgolf time to have fun or work on your game.  

Dads Say So, Topgolf Platinum Memberships are a great way to enjoy Topgolf and have fun in what can be a much cheaper way than paying on your own.  The VIP check in and additional discounts are a great way to bring others out for a great evening of the entertainment that Topgolf is known for.  To get yours you just need to email and find out more or stop by and visit the location near you.  If you see us there, don’t forget to say hello.  

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