Golf isn’t a game that you can go out and pick up a club and be great at.  It takes practice and a lot of it.  It takes working with a PGA Professional to fine tune your game. 

In between your lessons having great practice sessions is key to the quickest way to improve. Taking lessons from our instructors as we were learning to play and getting lessons we would use a mirror to look at our swing.  Today with the advances in technology, you can now get your swing right on your smart phone.  

Live View Golf, what may be the best device out there on the market today, allows the user to download an app on your smart phone, sync it with the Live View Golf device, and position it so you can see yourself as you are making swings.  The app allows you to record the swing too so you can go back and watch them over and over, stopping them along the way to make sure you are in the correct spot.  Click Here to see Steve using it and how it can help you improve.  

One of the cool things that it allows you to do is to draw the alignment lines on the screen for your to make sure you are in the correct spot on plane throughout your swing.  This is awesome as you can focus on a certain part of your swing and make sure your body and the club is in the correct position.  

Live View Golf comes in a carrying case that is smaller than your range finder, a tripod and a aluminium pole to hold the device on the tripod.  The only thing you need beyond that is a smart phone and the WiFi to connect the devices together.  The small size of Live View Golf allows it to very easily to fit into your golf bag if you are going from the driving range to the first tee and not going to stop by your car.  

If you are going to work on your game and are just going to spend some time on the range you can take your tablet out to the range with you and have the devices connect because Live View Golf will connect to any Bluetooth device. 

If you are an instructor this is an amazing device to use with your students because you can save the video and text it to them with your notes that they can work on in between lessons.  It also allows you to track progress of your students very easily and you can see results so this may be one of the best devices you can buy as a PGA Professional.  

Dads Say So, if you are looking to improve your game and make swing changes you need to use the Live View Golf camera.  To have a camera to use that allows you to record on your smart phone and allow you to take it out to the range and then onto the course and record what you are doing.  If you are an instructor, this may be the most valuable device you can own and for only $179 you can use it with all of your students.  To order yours go to and order yours today!  

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