No matter how good of a golfer we all are, we will always want to improve.  There are a lot of things out there to help us improve and get better but one new device that we found was “Golf With A Game Plan” by Timo Schlitz.  

The book is divided up into six sections.  Starting with the thickest section Putting, then Chipping Green, Bunker, Pitching Green, Driving Range and Course.  Click here to see Steve doing a couple of the Putting drills from the book.  

Putting, like we said, is the thickest section and for a very good reason.  The fastest way to improve your game is to become a better putter.  There are 10 drills that you can do, by yourself, or even some with else to make it a competition and really work on making more putts.  If you are a good putter you are a match for any player out there and this is where you need to spend your most time practicing.  

The Chipping Green section is filled with some great drills that work on long and short chip shots and making sure you have the correct pace on them.  This is great to practice and take out to the course with you as it will help you save shots off your score.  

The Bunker and Pitching Green Sections are smaller sections but give you some unique perspectives on ways to practice different shots around the green so you can keep interested in the game and not just feel like you are banging balls around.  

The Driving Range section has you work with different clubs in your bag and has you work on working the ball from right to left and from left to right.  There are also some fun target practice ones and making sure you are hitting the ball in a section as if you were trying to keep the ball in the fairway.  

The Course section is great as it gives you different things to try on the course to really work on improving your game.  There is a section in there based just on playing a round of golf with only your irons and a game you can play by hitting two balls and playing your worst one and keeping your score.  This will teach you how to try and make par from anywhere. 

Some of the other features of the book show you how long each drill should take so you are not out there for hours working on a drill that should take you only 10 minutes to practice.  It also gives you the standard of difficulty of the drill on a 1-6 scale and what you are going to improve/work on for each drill. There is also a section to “Increase the Challenge” where you can practice something harder as you improve to really work on getting better and making you aim small and miss small, something PGA Tour Players talk about a lot.  

We think that the only thing we would have done differently is to put each section in order of their degree of difficulty.  This would encourage a new player to start on the easier drills in each section not try the first on they come up with.  

When we were out filming the video for this we had a couple people on the putting green stop us to take a look at the book and the drills we were doing.  After talking with them about it they couldn’t believe how easy the drills were to set up and do.  A couple of our friends have asked us to “borrow” it and not give it back as they want to use it to improved their game.  It is a great way to may practice fun and enjoyable.  

Dads Say So, “Golf With A Game Plan” is a great training book for players of any skill level.  The beginner can use it to have a plan to practice with and it will help them improve faster than with out the plan.  A better player can take these drills and break up the repetitive nature of just banging balls on the range or from around or on the greens.  It gives you a plan of attack and a way to quickly improve.  To order yours, go to and pick one up today, you will want to send Timo a thank you note for helping improve your game!

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