In Florida we don’t have a lot of chances to walk.  Most courses require you to use a golf cart so you are usually not given the option.  We had an opportunity go to play golf at the Streamsong Resort and we were going to have to walk.  We reached out to a couple companies that we had done some work with in the past and one of them set us  up the Qwik Fold II 3 wheel push cart from  

We got the box sent to us via UPS and when it arrived we couldn’t wait to put the cart together and see how it looked.  Assembly took less than 3 minutes!  It was amazing.  So easy to put together.  The only think easier than the assembly of it is how easy it folds down and opens up.  With the click of one button you can fold it down to fit in the back of your car and opening it up is just as easy. It takes less than one second to open or close!   Click Here to see Steve showing you how easy the cart opens and closes!

The scorecard holder on the cart is great.  It has a bottle holder for your drink of choice, a storage compartment that can hold some smaller items, a golf ball holder so you have one ready to go, tees, it has a dial to keep your score as well as a place to put your golf ball and add an alignment line to it! If you are like us and like to listen to music on the course you can hook your speaker clip right on to the water bottle holder and it will still hold your bottle of water while you are listening to your favorite tunes!  There is also an included umbrella holder that comes with the cart that you can use if it is raining or to stay shaded on those hot summer days!  

Out on the course the cart was awesome.  Very easy to push and the brake engaged very easily.  Streamsong Red is a course that has no concrete paths, instead they use sand and the terrain to make the paths and the Qwik Fold 2.0 cart had no issues getting through the sand at all. 

The only problem that The Golfing Dads had with it was we spend too much time in golf carts to use it more.  Being in Florida too many places require us to ride so walking isn’t really an option.  We wish we could walk a little more so that we could get more use out of it.  Maybe we will have to find a couple of the courses here in town that allow walking to go and play and do more reviews at so we can walk and use the Qwik Cart 2.0 some more. 

Dads Say So, if you are in the market for a push cart or want to upgrade your current one you NEED to go to and order the Qwik Cart 2.0 3 Wheel Push Cart (they also make a 4 wheel model).  From the ease at which the cart opens and closes, the quality construction of the cart, and how easy it rolls through any surface you need to not look at any of the other carts and just get this one!  You are crazy to look elsewhere!

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