There are so many organizations that look to golf as a way to raise money. We played in a scramble at West Orange Country Club to support the West Orange High School Baseball Team.  Their field was destroyed by Hurricane Irma when it ripped through Central Florida on September 11th.

Supporting your local community is important and the kids that play on these baseball teams need to have a home field to play on. Steve played baseball growing up and Mike played through college so we love to see these kids having a place to play.

Understanding the importance of giving these kids a home to play there were on course fund raisers that we participated in.  They did a bag with a mulligan, putting string, raffle tickets and a putting contest for $20, a 50/50 raffle where it was $10 for raffle tickets the length of your arm, and they sold separate raffle tickets for $2 each for a chance to win an autographed baseball bat and a massive cooler.  This is a great way to raise money and give out some cool prizes that were donated from various companies.  

Dads Say So, if you are a charitable organization, sports team, or someone trying to raise money for any other reason, golf tournaments are great ways to raise money and give you various options to raise that money for you.  We really hope that the West Orange High School Baseball Team gets their field repaired quickly as a result of the tournament and they are playing home games soon.  Hurricane Irma cause a lot of damage all over Central Florida and giving us an option to play golf to help those in need is AWESOME!

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