Almost every one of us has used a hanger to put your clothes away.  Did you know that you can use almost that same thing to help improve your golf game.  It is the training aid called theHANGER by Watson Golf.  

theHANGER attaches quickly to the grip of your golf club with a couple twists.  Once it is attached you need to make sure that the plastic club face is aligned with the club face of the club that you are using.  Click Here to see Steve using theHANGER in action!

At address theHANGER should not be hitting any part of your arm.  As you take the club away it should gently press against your forearm.  At the top of the swing it should be away from your arm and on the way down to impact it should press firmly into the lead arm.  If the club isn’t doing this along the way you have the club in a bad position and you need to work more with theHANGER to get yourself in a better position. 

Included with theHANGER is a handy picture guide that shows you the position that it should be in during your swing.  This is a nice thing to hold on to as it will help you with the visualization you are

 looking for.  It will also be the reminder you may need to make sure you are in the correct position.  

A great feature of theHANGER is that you can leave it attached to a club and take it out to the course to practice with it.  This will give you great feedback to make sure the work that you are doing on the range with it is paying off!


Dads Say So, there are a lot of swing trainers out there that can help.  theHANGER is one of them that is awesome because you can hit shots by attaching it to any club in your bag and it will help you improve the impact position and contact you are looking for.  Getting the club in the correct position is key to great contact and lowering your scores.  theHANGERr can help so go to or and order yours today to watch your scores improve with using theHANGER to practice!

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