This week, news came out of an online auction where you could bid on a round with Phil Mickelson. The estimated value of the experience is $250,000. The question needs to be asked, How much would YOU pay to play?

Living in Orlando we have a lot of Tour players living here in town and have run into our share of them on many of the different courses in the area. We have even played a couple rounds with one or two of them and we will say that they are a lot of fun to play with and pick their brain on the course.

In reading the details you do get to play with Phil at his home course and the money is going to charity which is a great cause but it is just 18 holes of golf. If you don’t reside in Southern California it would require you to add on travel expenses as well but if you are going to pony up $250k you can probably afford the additional expenses as well.

Dads Say So, while Phil is a golfing dad, we wouldn’t be on the list to even start bidding to join these experiences. Sure it could be a great time, but the average person wouldn’t be able to even get into the bidding for this. Tour players are great to play with because just the question and answer around the course will help you become a better player, but remember they play out there for a reason so the average person doesn’t hit is nearly as far or as good as they do. We do wonder if there would be a “friendly wager” like there is on Tuesday’s with Phil and his playing partners. While we don’t mind the charity side of this we hope this doesn’t become the growing trend on tour.  Click here if you want to add your name to the bidding!

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