As golfers, we tend to be obsessed with trying to get better.  It comes with the territory of this crazy game we all love.  Just like Hardy Greaves said in The Legend of Bagger Vance ” It’s hard and you stand out there on that green, green grass, and it’s just you and the ball and there ain’t nobody to beat up on but yourself.”

One way to not beat up on yourself is to practice.  One device out there to help you practice is the Putt-A-Round.  It is an elevated golf hole that if you putt to it, catches the ball and holds it in place.  If you can place the balls correctly you can make multiple puts and then go and pull the balls out of the Putt-A-Round all at once.  Click here for our video review of the Putt-A-Round and see how it grabs the golf ball.  

The Putt-A-Round is great to use in your living room, office, or anywhere else you want to practice putting.  It is small enough that you can pack it in your suitcase and it doesn’t take up much room and you  can use it in your hotel room on the road.  You just want to make sure you are using it on a tightly woven or low pile carpet or on smooth hard flooring.  

One of the great features that we really like about the Putt-A-Round is the customizable flag that comes on top of it.  They have some great standard options that you can order off their website, but you can also add your logo to it or any message you want to it.  They also have one that is a color on with fabric markers so if you are looking to give the golfing dad or mom in your life a custom-made one from their kids you can do that too.  The one they sent us had our logo on it and looks really cool.  

One of the things that we really liked about this is if you are running a charity tournament we suggest that you go and purchase some of these to add them to the putting green and add a nice touch to your event.  It way to keep the charity focus on everyone’s mind.  

Dads Say So, The Putt-A-Round is a great accessory for all golfers.  If you are looking to practice putting anywhere you can this is a nice thing to use and has a lot of great versatility.  If you are looking to run a golf tournament and want to add your logo to more spots on the putting green or are looking for something for a putting contest the Putt-A-Round is the device for you.   To order yours, go to and you will find it in your mail box in just a few days.  

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