Last week we were invited out to the media event for Topgolf Orlando and were told there that today we would get a press release with the opening date. Well, today is here and we got a great email.

Topgolf Orlando will be opening this Friday, October 20th. We are really excited about this opening and on Friday night you may be able to check out one of our social media accounts for a live update from the location.

We did our preview of Topgolf Orlando this past week and if you have not seen it, click here.  You can’t miss on a great time at Topgolf Orlando.  

Dads Say So, if you are in Orlando or are planning a visit you need to find some time to come out and enjoy Topgolf Orlando. We are going to make it one of our new places to go on a regular basis and you should too. If you like to play golf or if you have never played before there is something for everyone at Topgolf so you are certain to have a great evening. To find out more about Topgolf, go to

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