For those of you who have been follow us for a while you know that we have been really excited for the opening of Topgolf Orlando.  Living in Central Florida, land of theme parks, entertainment and golf, this has always been the ideal spot in our eyes for Topgolf to add to the already booming area.  Our wait is almost over.  Last night we attended the media event for their opening.  Click here for our video highlights of the night!

While we don’t know the exact date, we will find that out on Monday, were here to tell you that it is an amazing location.  They are located on Universal Blvd very close to the heart of International Drive, The Orange County Convention Center and you can get a great picture of the Orlando Eye from there.  

Our night started off arriving at Topgolf and as were walking in there was a rocket going up from Kennedy Space Center and it was a great view to start off the evening.  Just like other Topgolf locations you enter on the second floor of the three story building.  There is a bar on your left and the welcome area is vast.  

They took us down to a conference room to show us a presentation about the Orlando location.  They had the Operations Manager and their executive chef on hand and they talked about the technology as well as the amazing food dishes that they offer.  

We then went out and got to play in the bays.  One of the most amazing things that they have in Orlando that they don’t have at any other location yet is the Toptracer Technology.  Just like you see on NBC and The Golf Channel every week on the PGA Tour, you can hit a ball and watch it fly on the TV Screen at your hitting bay.  You can not only see the flight in animation but it will tell you the ball speed, distance, height and how much the ball curves while its in the air.  It is really awesome to watch.  

One of the cool things about the media events is you get to see a lot of cool media people that we interact with a lot on line and have conversations with.  One of our good friends, Bill Cuebas also know as The Golf Father, was hanging out with us.  So we had The Golfing Dads and The Golf Father hitting golf balls at Topgolf.  It was a lot of fun.  

They had a buffet set up for us that Seve, their executive chef, and Kobe, their head chef in Orlando were walking around to make sure that everyone was enjoying the food, and checking to see about the food allergies.  The highlight of the night was the dessert they brought out.  Their, should be world famous, Injectable Donut Holes.  These are Donut Holes that have syringes with chocolate or Bavarian cream to put into the donut and enjoy.  The best part about these is they will leave you licking your finger when you are done cause they will have the chocolate or Bavarian cream on them and you won’t want to miss a drop!  

There were a lot of their corporate team walking around asking and answering questions for the media and the servers were from other locations around the country.  Our server, Lucy from Las Vegas, was amazing.  They wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for us so we could test it and give them feedback.  We had nothing but great things to say about the evening. 

We also met Rick Stewart, their Director of Instruction, last night.  Rick is here to give lessons, group or individual, and he was out helping some of the media members enjoy their night.  As we talked with him about The Golfing Dads site and where we are looking at taking the site and with our kids he was really excited as he talked about teaching kids to love the game and have fun playing it.  We think there is going to be some point where there is going to be on the PGA Tour who is going to have learned the game at a Topgolf location and that will be really fun to see.  We look forward to going back and having Rick teach our kids this great game!

Dads Say So, with the grand opening right around the corner, we can’t wait to bring you more posts and great experiences from Topgolf.  It is an amazing location with amazing people that know how to have fun and help grow the game of golf.   As more and more people talk about growing the game of golf, Topgolf stopped talking and has done something about it.  They have figured out how to have people come out and have fun and play golf and grow the game.  If you have not been to a Topgolf location, you need to get to one.  To find out more about the Orlando location or any of their other locations, go to and find out more. 

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