We have all been there. Sitting in our offices staring at how nice it is outside at the end of a hard day at work and thought…I need to play golf before getting home.

That is where the idea for the “Emergency 9” came in.  Its stopping on your way home and getting a quick 9 holes in.  Most of the time it is a quick 9 holes and there is no one out there to get in your way and you are done in about an hour or so.  

As a kid, Steve learned how to play golf on the Friday night “Emergency 9” holes with his dad and has grandfather. These are some great memories that he hopes to recreate with his boys, Jackson and Luke and his dad Mike.  It is a great opportunity to get out and “work” on your game after a long week at work and enjoy the weather and have some fun playing golf.    

A few years ago Tiger hit an amazing shot in the dark at Firestone to win the WGC event.  Anyone who has played an Emergency 9 round of golf has hit this shot in the dark and understands that it can be a lot of fun to hit a ball at dusk and laugh about a good or bad one.  As the days are getting shorter now this is more of a possibility.  

Dads Say So finding time at any time to get out on the golf course is always good.  We will sneak out after work  just to get some swings in.  It also gives us a chance to test some of this equipment for us to review on here and get the posts out to you our readers.  We look forward to getting out there with our kids and sharing stories of our “Emergency 9’s” as they progress and get better.  Maybe you should sneak out of work early to day and get that round in, the golf course is calling.   

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