As part of being bloggers we love to do some different things when it comes to reviewing products and courses.  One of those ways if for us to use our GoPro Hero 5 Black camera and get some great videos to enhance the review of what we are doing.  To get those videos to you we have a YouTube page to host the videos.  

Video allows us to tell you about something while we are reviewing the product.  This allows us in the moment to give you our opinion of the product.  

We have done some great video reviews of many different products.  Our most successful videos are of the Cleveland Smart Sole Wedge and one of our favorite training aids The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf.  

We have done some great golf course reviews of courses here in Orlando as well as courses that we played in Myrtle Beach like the Barefoot Resort Courses and Tidewater.  We may even have a surprise course coming up soon for us to review.  

Dads Say So, we will continue to do video reviews if we think it will help you understand what we are reviewing easier and us do a review. We like to explain things as easy as possible and we hope that you enjoy that.  We like to show you how to use the products and what the golf courses look like.  If there is something you are looking for please let us know on one of our social media outlets and we will do our best to do it for you.     Go to now and check out our page.  If you just go there search thegolfingdads (all one word) and you will find our page.  Thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy it.  

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