Steve’s Birthday is this month so with that in mind we thought that we would compile our list of great birthday gift ideas for the golfer out there.  

As you know, we love our ball markers from Liberty Ball Markers.  They are such a cool way to have your go to ball marker on the course and you can get them with what ever you want on them.  

Ace of Clubs Golf Company has a new cork collection of cash covers, yardage book holders and scorecard covers.  The cool thing about these are that you can engrave them and make them personal to the person you’re giving it to.  Celebrating the “Dirty 30” or the are they “Over the Hill” Daniel can make that happen and look really cool. 

Gift Cards for the local golf course or golf shop?  Every golf will welcome this gift as it gives us a reason to hit the links or buy that new product were looking for!

Speaking of gift cards, our great friends at have every training aid imaginable that can make any golfer better.  Either get the golfer in your life a new training aid or get them a gift card off of the website and let them pick one out on their own. 

Dormie Workshop is a really cool custom leather golf company out of Canada that makes all things that can make you look cool on the golf course.  The Bishop Brothers have got something good going where you can design your own cover so there isn’t another one out there like it.  If you are looking to give a cool gift to the golfer that has everything you can send them your design or get them your design one for you and they will turn it into a reality.  

Recently we reviewed the Rocket 2.0 speaker from Malektronic.  This has become our go to speaker because it is one of the best bluetooth speaker we have found all around.  The speaker has amazing sound and event fits in the cup holder.  For the quality you can’t beat it at the $99 price point.  

Cleveland Golf has made some great strides in their new equipment this year.  We have done a lot of testing of their wedges and one of their putters recently and are big fans of the CBX irons and wedges as well as the 2135 Satin Putters.  All of them are very well priced and will help anyone improve their game.  

Uther Golf is a great company that makes some fun towels.  Their thick microfiber towel is great for your round and come in some really fun designs that will look great on any golf bag.

Putt-A-Round is a product we have a review up and coming on.  It allows you to have an aim point and work on your putting on any surface and the balls will be in the same spot to retrieve.  One of the cool things is they will personalize the flag on the Putt-A-Round so you can make it a great gift.  

Nexbelt is a really cool belt that we recently reviewed.  It is a really cool belt that doesn’t have any holes in it and is a trim to fit belt that you cut to fit and then it slides into the buckle and there are some really cool belt and buckle combinations and they make some awesome gifts. 

Dads Say So, we love getting and giving golf gifts for people’s birthdays.  Here are a few cool items that you can buy someone if you are looking to get a gift for the golfer in your life.  We are big fans of customization when it comes to golf accessories so if you can personalize it and make it their own that is always our favorite way to go.  There are many more gifts out there and you can check out our site for other products that we reviewed for other ideas of products we reviewed.  If you have a birthday this month, like Steve does, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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