Yesterday we reviewed the Snell Golf My Tour Ball.  Snell makes a second ball called the Get Sum.  The Get Sum is a 2 piece low compression ball designed to reduce hooks and slices.  

We found the Get Sum to be firmer than its counter part from Snell but it was a great ball for someone like Steve’s dad, Mike.  He found the ball to fly straighter, and he hits a big fade off the tee.  By reducing the slice he hits the ball traveled further for him and that will help anyone lower scores. 

Out of the fairway the ball flew awesome, holding its line and was very receptive into the green.  The ball flew on a very penetrating line as well as being soft on the green.  This is a great feature of a 2 piece ball.  

On and around the green the ball had a great feeling.  We did find it to roll out a little bit when chipping but very responsive when putting.  The feel off the putter was great.  Distance control wasn’t an issue and it gave us a chance to make plenty of putts.  

While this ball may not be for the scratch golfer in the group we found it to be a great ball for the average golfer.  At $20.99 this ball is a steal!

Dads Say So, Snell Golf has created not one but two great products.  The Get Sum Ball not only has the best name in all of golf, but is a great game improvement ball for the mid to high handicap.  Sure, this isn’t the ball for everyone but when the majority of golfers out there struggle to break 100 playing a ball like the Get Sum will help you get better and break that hurdle of getting below the 100 mark.  Not all golf balls are created equally and there are golf balls out there for every player.  If you have a slower swing speed and tend to slice or hook the ball this ball can help you improve.  To get your’s go to and “Get Sum” today.  It will help you have more fun on the golf course!

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