While we were up in Myrtle Beach we did some golf ball testing.  Having 7 guys playing golf and able to get a great product sample gave us ample testers to give great feedback about products.  

One of the golf balls we tested were Snell Golf Balls.  Dean Snell was a former ball maker from the company who claims to have the Number One Ball in Golf and took his knowledge to make his own direct to market company.  Their mission is “to bring tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price.”

Snell Golf makes 2 brands of golf balls, the My Tour Ball (or MTB) and the Get Sum.  Were going to review the MTB today and tomorrow we will post our thoughts on the Get Sum.

The MTB was tested by the scratch players in the group along with one of our higher handicap players.  We wanted to get a sampling of how the ball performed.  

The 2 scratch players found the ball to be long and easy to control.  The ball did spin a little more than the ball that both players normally play when it landed on the green but it still was about the same distance as the ball did fly a little further in the air with the low irons so the distance was about equal.  

Around the greens the ball really performed well in that it was easy to control when chipping.  We found the ball to be awesome putting with great feel and responsiveness off the blade and very easy to control the distance on the putting green.  

Off the tee, where we all like to swing the big dog, the ball responded very well.  We did find the ball flew a little higher than we were used to but that isn’t such a bad thing.  The longer that the ball stays in the air the further it goes.  

The high handicap player who played the MTB found the ball to be great even for his game.  He actually went 18 holes with one ball and found the ball to fly straighter than other balls he played.  He was able to control the ball into the greens better and actually felt that the ball made him a  better player.  He is one of those players who will play what every ball he finds but is now really considering making the Snell MTB his ball of choice.  

Dads Say So, if you are a low handicap player looking for a quality golf ball, but have 2 kids and can’t afford the high prices on balls (like Steve of The Golfing Dads) or if you’re a mid to high handicap player looking for a ball to help you improve your game and you don’t want to break the bank on balls, go now to SnellGolf.com and order your My Tour Ball today.  This ball has the ability to help all types of player and you can get them for less than $32 a dozen.  There are also discounts available if you order 6 dozen at a time.  They also do free shipping in the continental 48 states.  If you are debating on changing your ball and don’t give Snell a try you are missing out!


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