Earlier this year our good friends at Argolf had the winning putter at the US Senior Open.  Their Pendragon model was used by Kenny Perry to blow away the field and take the trophy home with him.  We did a review of the Pendragon Putter a while back and have now reviewed their Uther Putter as well.  Click here for our video review of it. 

The Uther Putter is more square looking than the Pendragon Putter.  Based on how it sets down we do suggest you do set your hands a head of the ball just like the Pendragon Putter to be more consistent.  

Behind the face there are 4 holes in the putter to move the weight out and balance the face of the putter.  It gives the putter a different look than any other but it distributes the weight accordingly.  This allows for it to create the MOI at impact that you are looking for.  The putter we tested came with a Lamkin pistol style grip and a black leather headcover with a magnet closure (we really like that).

Another great feature of the Argolf Putters is that you can customize them when you order them.  They come in a variety of colors and you can have different site lines painted on them in different colors.  This is a cool feature if you are looking for a specific putter color or alignment lines on the putter.  

We had this putter with us in Myrtle Beach and all seven of us who were there tested it.  While we liked the look of the putter at address and how easily it seemed to almost “swing” itself all of us did find the face a little soft.  If you are used to being aggressive and tend to leave yourself the dreaded 5 footer coming back we do suggest that you put the Uther putter in your bag.  It will help you still swing aggressively but have good pace on your putts to tap in that par putt.  

Once we figured out where we needed to set our hands at address with the Pendragon Putter we had no issues with it.  We didn’t find it that easy with the Uther Putter.  If we set our hands a head it de-lofted the putter and we had a hard time because the face was too shut.  But if we didn’t move our hands a head of the ball we struggled with our pace so it made it difficult to judge the speed.  

Dads Say So, where the Uther Putter felt great at impact we found the responsiveness to be lacking and the speed difficult to control.  We all found the ball to come up short so if you are used to putts charging past the hole this will help you and your putting.  We did find this putter very easy to rock the putter and keep the ball on-line.  If you like the look of the Uther or are looking for a putter to bring your stroke back into control go to birdietown.com and order yours today.  

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