There are training aids out there that are great for beginners and some that are great for highly skilled players.  There are some out there that are even great for every player.  Recently we did some work with The Power Package. A swing trainer that is designed to teach you the “perfect golf swing.”

The Power Package is an orange device that attaches to the bottom of the grip of your golf club.  Once you have it set correctly you make swings with it.  As you take the club away the “cups” will hit your forearms and keep you in the perfect position to the top.  On the way down the cups stay connected and will then come away from your arms at impact.  They will then reconnect to your forearms on your follow through. 

Tom Pernice on the PGA Tour Champions uses the Power Package to groove his swing and they utilize him in their marketing.  It is always great to get a player on any tour to believe in the product.  

The Power Package comes with an instructional DVD to and an instruction book to show you how to use the device.  It is a little different to have a DVD to show you how to use a training aid.  In the DVD and booklet they suggest you start with using a 9 iron and working with that as the longer clubs are harder to get used to.  We suggest you start with this as we found this to be the best advice we got for The Power Package.  Even with that you will still top some shots in the beginning as was the case in our video testing.  

Dads Say So, we think that if you are a better golfer this is a great training aid for you to improve your golf game.  If you are just starting the game, we think that you would be better suited to work on finding your own swing and not work with The Power Package until you improve your game.  For $79.99 it really isn’t the training aid for a beginner to start messing around with.  To order your Power Package got to

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