Let us begin by saying we loved The Presidents Cup and its outcome this weekend.  Any time the US Team wins its great in our book.  But let’s be real.  Was this good for golf?  We don’t really think so.  

Since its inception in 1994 the US Team has lost only one time, 1998 when the Internationals won in Australia.  There was the one tie in South Africa when there was an epic playoff with Tiger Woods and Ernie Els.  The majority of the competitions have been less than memorable with the US Team dominating the remaining matches.  

If the US Team had been embarrassed like this we would have seen a task force created as to how we could get better and what we would need to do to win, we’ve already seen that with the Ryder Cup.  We feel that we are supposed to dominate these events just like this week and if we get beat based on the other team just out playing us we get our feelings hurt. Maybe Team USA needed Mickelson to speak up at Glen Eagles after the Ryder Cup to make us realize the importance of these events and we are now in a better spot.  

The International Team will go back and regroup but let’s be real, is there any 12 guys from the rest of the world other than Europe that can scare us?  Right now that answer is no.  But do we need to figure out the way to level the playing field?  It isn’t like they have anywhere else to pull from like in the Ryder Cup when it expanded from Great Britain and Ireland to all of Europe.  It is everyone else.  They need to find a way to deepen their talent pool.  Maybe we will see the International Team and the European Ryder Cup Team get together to figure this out?  

Sure players like Jason Day, Marc Lesihman, Hideki Matsuyama,  and Louis Oosthuizen look great on paper but after that does the rest of the team really scare anyone.  At that level when you are playing the likes of Spieth, Johnson, Thomas, Kuchar, Koepka and Mickelson the answer is no.  

The best thing that happened to the Ryder Cup was the Eurpoean team winning.  It made it competitive and made it must watch TV.  The Presidents Cup has become more of an exposition not a competitive match and something needs to be done because if it stays like this people are going to stop watching.  

With as young as our team is with players like Berger, Spieth, Thomas, Johnson and looking at other players out there like Xander Schauffele who won the Tour Championship this team should be well poised to continue the domination.  

Dads Say So, while we love the US dominance something needs to be done to level the playing field.  We wish we had the answer and it was simple but it really isn’t.  The only thing that we can think of is shrinking the number of automatic spots and increasing the number of captains picks for the International Team only.  The only thing that we don’t know is will that make the team any different?  We look forward to the days when this contest is much more competitive than this year.  Until then we will keep congratulating the US Team on the dominance in The Presidents Cup.

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