Last week I (Steve) was looking at my 2016 M2 3 wood and the speed slot on the bottom of the club was coming away from the body of the club and there was a small gap.  This makes the club non conforming.  I went on-line and found the Customer Service number to TaylorMade Golf and called them this week.  

I was half expecting them to tell me that I had the club for 15 months and it was out of warranty and I was out of luck on this one.  I decided that I wasn’t going to tell them that I run a blog just to see what their customer service was like.  

On Wednesday morning I called them and the person that answered the phone was really helpful.  I explained to him what had happened and then cringed waiting for his answer.  He first apologized for this happening and then asked me for the specs of my club (15º X-Shaft and a Golf Pride Multi Compound Grip).  He asked for my address information and told me that they would be sending me a new 3 wood and all I had to do was put my old 3 wood in the same box, put the shipping label back on it and write the R/A number on the box.  I think at this point I had the Scooby Doo HUH look on my face in shock.  

Then the big bomb dropped…He said that they were going to upgrade me to the 2017 model as they didn’t have any more of the 2016 models in stock!  What?  Are you kidding?  This had me doing the happy dance (and no one needs to ever see that).  

The club is due to arrive by Tuesday next week and I can’t wait to not only put it into play but write a review on it for all of you to read!  

Dads Say So I was very impressed with the service from TaylorMade Golf.  I have spent a lot of time working in the customer service industry before starting the blog and this is the way you are supposed to treat your customers.  It develops brand loyalty as you see them standing behind the quality of their products.  I can tell you that I will look at TaylorMade when looking for new equipment for myself and based on this service you should too.  This was the way is should be done and I want to say Thank You to TaylorMade and I can’t wait to put this new club into play.  

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