Every once in a while there comes a training aid that is very simple and designed to help you improve one facet of your game but then you realize that it can do way more than that and it can help you improve 2 different parts of your game and it becomes way more valuable.  The Pill is just one of those items.  

The Pill looks like a golf ball with the sides shaved off of it.  It was designed for putting and using 1 Pill to grove your stroke so that when you hit it, The Pill would roll just like a ball putted but if you miss hit it The Pill would wobble.  This gave real-time feedback on your strike and the position of the club face.  

When we reached out to the team at The Pill they asked us to work with the 2 Pill drill as well as hitting chip shots with them to work on your short game (a cool bonus from a putting aid).  We found both of these drills to be great to do and along with writing about them below you can click here for our video review doing them.  

The 2 Pill Drill is great to see just what position the putter is in when you strike the putt.  If the face is slightly open you will have the Pills split apart and go off to the right and may even start rolling on their edge.  If the face is shut at all they will roll left and you will miss the hole low.  The best trick is to make both of the Pills roll out at the same speed and hold their line.  This promotes a quality strike and consistent speed through the ball.  

If you are chipping with the pill there are a couple of things that you can do to hit chip shots.  First, if you set it down like a golf ball you can hit it and see how it reacts when it lands.  This is key as it shows you how the ball is spinning when it lands.  Another idea that you can do with it is to lay The Pill flat and see how far you carry it so you can work on controlling the distance.  The best part about this is when The Pill lands on its side it spins really cool.

Dads Say So, we love The Pill.  This is a training aid that has so many more uses than what it was intended for and can help you in so many different ways.  This can help the beginner all the way up to the experienced player improve their chipping and putting and make all of them a better golfer.  If you are looking to improve go to thepillgolf.com and order yours today.  Your short game will thank us.  

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