Rangefinders tend to be one of the most expensive items in any golfers bag.  Most of us have only a drive that costs more, that is until now.  TecTecTec entered the rangefinder market and has taken the market by storm selling their rangefinders on Amazon and though their website only.  They sent us the VPRO500 model that was selling for $149.00 but has now been marked down to $134 on their site.  

They sent us one to review and we wanted to get right out on the course and use it.  It comes with a nice zip up carrying case that we all suggest to keep inside your bag, our friend Mel had a range finder stolen off of his bag.  

When we used it there are a couple of different settings.  This range finder will continue to change numbers if you don’t set it on the Flagseeker setting.  You can do this by clicking the mode button on top of it.  You still need a steady hand but it will lock on the flag and get you the number you are looking for  but it was difficult to lock onto some flags we found.  We did find the numbers to be almost identical to other rangerfinders that we had in our group when looking at the same yardage.  This gave us a really good feeling about getting our yardage with the VPRO500.

The body is made of plastic but is water proof.  Focusing the range finder was really easy just by twisting the site glass to focus on the target.  The only thing that we wish they had done better was find a different batter than a CR2 battery as they are really expensive at Walgreens.

Dads Say So, if you are looking at a new rangefinder and don’t want to break the bank on buying one you need to get the TecTecTec VPRO500.  Rangefinders are expensive and when you get used to making sure the settings are correct as it does take a little more effort to lock onto a target than others.  TecTecTec is onto something here with their pricing and even their top of the line slope version is selling for $224.99 on their website right now.  If you are looking for a new rangefinder and are trying to save money, this is the range finder for you.  The money you save by getting one of these can go to 2 to 3 rounds of golf!  To order yours go to tectectec.com or amazon.com and order yours today!

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