Not all golf accessories are visible to the naked eye.  One of them that isn’t but can really help you improve are the Aline Shoe Inserts.  They are molded shoe inserts that are pre-cut to the correct shoe size so you don’t have to cut them to get them to fit into your shoes.  

As stated on their website (by people way smarter than us at studying this stuff), “A study from ALINE showed that 89% of golfers have a major problem. Their feet, ankles, and knees are not in the correct position and this reduces performance. Alignment is vital. Poor alignment can lead to foot, knee, hip, and back wear and tear. Wear and tear also accelerates the large number of knee and hip replacements”.

“ALINE has combined the best materials with modern technology and biomechanics to bring a premier functional and biomechanically beneficial product to the market. The ALINE Golf includes a suspension system for the structures of the golfer’s foot and allow the golfer to maximize their performance. By suspending the foot structures and arches, ALINE increases your balance and control, it also reduces the major causes of back, muscle, and joint pain as well as foot pain such as plantar fasciitis”.

When we got the inserts we got a great note with them that gave us some instructions and we do suggest you follow their suggestions.  You should wear them for about 2 hours to start.  Then, increase by 1 hour daily to make them more comfortable for you.  Jumping into wearing them for 18 holes right away will be very uncomfortable for you and you wont know what you are in for.  If you walk a lot you will want to break them in a lot more before you go and walk 36 holes with them.  

We did find them to feel a little bit different when you stood over the ball for the first time with them on your feet.  The outside of your heels feels a little more elevated and it puts you in a different position.  After a few swings it was no problem hitting balls and getting into a better position that without the inserts in.  

Dads Say So, shoe inserts are not something that are talked a lot about in helping you improve your golf game but the Aline Shoe Inserts certainly do that. They help you stay in better health and keep your back in a better position so you are not in pain after playing.  PGA Tour Players like Kevin Kisner and Kevin Na trust them and you should too.  Our biggest problem with them is we have the golf ones and wish we had their other models to wear with our sneakers and dress shoes.  You may not be able to see these but they will help your back and legs feel better after your round and will wonder why it took you so long to add them to your shoes.  To order yours go to and start feeling better right away!

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