This week started the bienial event known as The Presdients Cup.  These events started to have the US Team take on the International Team formed as the rest of the world except for Europe, they compete against the US in the Ryder Cup.  The Team events are a lot of fun for The Golfing Dads and we love to root on the Red, White and Blue.  

This week begins on Thursday afternoon with foursomes matches.  These is commonly known as alternate shot.  This is a quick way to make your best friend your worst enemy.  The players will decide who is going to tee off on the first hole and they will alternate from that point on.  One player tees off on the odd holes and one on the even holes.  There will be 5 matches total

Friday they play 18 holes of 4 ball.  This commonly known as better ball.  Both players will play their own ball and the lowest score on the hole wins the hole.  There will be 5 more matches.

Saturday they will play 36 holes.  18 holes of foursomes in the morning and 18 holes of four ball in the afternoon.  Each session will have 4 matches competing.  

Sunday will consist of 12 singles matches of head to head golf.  This is always a fun session with a lot of rooting going on as matches go back and forth and flags go up and come off the board.  

The winner of the Cup will be the first team to 15 1/2 points.  No singles match can be halved until the Cup is clinched which is a cool rule in getting the players to play to win their respective matches.  

Dads Say So we love match play.  All of us can go out and play match play against our opponent each week in our weekend rounds.  You can make an 8 on the hole and move on to the next one and it starts all over again.  The US has dominated these events in the past and there is a very memorable one in  South Africa where Tiger Woods and Ernie Els went head to head for 3 holes in a match that was declared a tie.  We can’t wait for the ball to get in the air on Tursday to see how the week turns out.  USA! USA! USA!


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