Our friends at Cleveland Golf launched a new putter line combining their already successful 2135 line of putters with a new face and a new satin look.  The sent us the Cero model and after testing it were here to tell you it is the best putter under $150 that money can buy.  Click here for our video review of it.  

The 2135 model has been very successful for Cleveland golf as they have move the alignment line up.  As it states on their website, “with 2135 Alignment Technology, the raised sight line allows golfers to achieve optimal alignment on every putt, regardless of where their eyes are at address. These putters also feature a higher contrasting white sight line over a black backdrop for better focus and easier alignment every time.”  We found this to be true for players who have their eyes either inside or outside the line.  Most amateurs struggle with their eye alignment and this is a easy quick fix to help make you a better putter while keeping your comfortable stroke.  

The face of the putter has a unique milling pattern on it.  It has a smaller pattern cut into the center of the face, but as you get towards the heel and the toe the patter widens.  This allows the MOI of the putter to be transferred out wider and allows your miss hits to roll truer.  As we tested this we found the ball to stay on line longer and hold it’s speed better on miss hit putts than others we have used.  This is great for the average golfer who doesn’t hit every putt in the center of the face.  

One of the best features of the putter is the black area behind the center of the putter face.  This starts as the width of the golf ball and allows you to

center the ball up to it and square the face to the ball and your intended target line.   With the visual being so large it is very easy to line the blade up and it gives you an amazing visual to look down at and make putting easier for anyone using it. This is a great change for a putter to make lining up the putter easier for the person using it.  

The putter weights 370 grams and comes standard with a Lamkin pistol putter grip on it.  There is a over-sized grip option if you are looking for it and it has the Cleveland Golf logo on it.  It is a nice edition and will cost you an additional $10 to add to your putter.  

Dads Say So, the Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero Putter is such a great putter for the price.  As we stated before it is the best putter under $150 on the market.  It is also the putter that could really make you reconsider spending $350 on a putter like most other companies.  Sure you are going to use the putter on every hole and based on that percentage you should spend good money on it but there is no reason to go and break the bank when Cleveland Golf has designed one of the most amazing putters on the market and has made it completely affordable for the masses.  You can order yours at ClevelandGolf.com or go to your local golf shop and pick yours up today.  Your putting is sure to improve.  

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