Personalized Golf Headcovers are a great way to express yourself.  There are many different companies out there that allow you to be expressive but there are not as many out there that allow you to be creative and make your own and add your personal touch to them.  Our good friends at Dormie Workshop are one of those great companies.  

Dormie Workshop, as we have said before, has been a custom headcover manufacturer since their inception.  They are based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and make some awesome heacovers that allow you to be as creative as you want when you create them.  You can create your idea on a bar napkin and send it to them and they will make it for you.  

We decided that we needed a headcover on our bag that had logo on it so we ordered one for Steve’s Driver and Mike’s three wood.  Steve also ordered one for his three wood with his college logo on it.  

The hardest part about getting the logos was getting Steve’s alma matter to approve the use of the athletic logo.
  Because the logo is trademarked you need to get approval to use it.  After a couple of emails Steve had the necessary approval to send to Dormie to get the logo used, they also sent us the thread file to use to make it easier for Dormie to put the logo on the leather.  

In getting logo covers for our bags we have another marketing tool at our disposal so that when people see us on the golf course they first know that The Golfing Dads are there and second if they haven’t seen us its a great reminder for them to either ask us about it or go and check out our site later.  If you own a business and want to help grow it or get your name out there custom headcovers are a great way to do it and the guys at Dormie Workshop have just what it takes to get your business there.  

Another cool thing to not be overlooked is the bottom side of the cover.  There is a lot of space to put add on’s on your covers there.  We added our tag line “Dads Say So” to the bottom of the cover to give it The Golfing Dads feel no 

matter how you see it.  It makes for a nice touch that is different than other covers out there.  If you put a name, tag line, motto, or be creative, like making fun of yourself if you hit a bad shot with the club, just don’t forget to laugh at yourself.  

Dads Say So, if own a business or are looking to market on the golf course reaching out to Dormie Workshop can do wonders for your business.  They make the best quality covers in the business and can make them look just like you want them to look.  From your logo, to your school logos, to putting your golf course logo on them if you run the merchandise shop at your club.  If you are looking to give your employees or vendors some great logo’d gifts you need to go to or email and get your covers ordered.  You will be 100% pleased with the design process, shipping and the tremendous quality that has made our friends at Dormie Workshop famous the world over!

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