The Golfing Dads love listening to our tunes on the golf course.  It is part of our favorite way to have fun and sometimes can help pump you up to hit a great shot when you need to pull one off.  Malektronic has made a great speaker that everyone needs to own if you want to use it not only on the golf course but anywhere else u can.  Its called the Rocket 2.0 Speaker.

The Rocket 2.0 Speaker is shaped like a soda bottle and has a clip to attach to your golf bag for easy carrying.  With the design the Speaker easily fits in a cup holder on your golf cart very easily so its easy to find and puts out great sounding music.  If you need the cup holder space you can use the clip and hang it anywhere in the cart and still listen to music.  If you are walking you can clip it on your bag and still have the tunes playing and enjoying the music.

When you turn the speaker on it says “Malektronic Power On” and when you turn it off it says “Power Off Sounds Perfect.”  They are 100% correct when they say “Sounds Perfect.”  This is one of, if not the best sounding speakers out there for you to use but beyond the sound there are a lot of great other features.  

We went 54 holes on the golf course with out a charge and decided to charge it so that it didn’t run out as we were playing 36 holes the next day.  This is a huge bonus for a speaker to keep a charge that long while playing music from start to finish.   Most other speakers out there wouldn’t be able to go 36 holes in a day never mind last 2 days. 

If you are connected to it and your phone rings it will say, “Ring Ring” and give you the phone number calling you.  If you answer you don’t even have to pick up your phone as it works as a speaker phone to talk to who ever is calling you. 

Another awesome feature of the Rocket 2.0 speaker is that it is waterproof.  Now, we don’t suggest you putting it underwater and holding it there, besides can you really listen to music underwater, but if you get caught in an afternoon rain storm and the speaker gets wet you don’t have to worry about it breaking.  This is a great benefit if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain.  

To charge the speaker you just lift the flap on the bottom of the speaker and plug it in to the charger.  It takes less than an hour to charge so if you are going to bed at night just plug it in and when you wake up it is ready to go.  

The only thing that we could find that wasn’t good about it was when you turned it off you couldn’t listen to it any more.  It is that good to listen to and enjoy.  

Dads Say So if you are like us and love to listen to music on the golf course you need to go to and order your Rocket 2.0 Speaker today.  The size, adaptability and features and for the quality of this speaker, the battery life and the amazing sound it is a steal at $99.99.  We have a couple other speakers that we can use and we will be only using this one when we play from now on and you should to.  

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