This past week Bob Parsons, PXG founder, announced on Twitter that he had filed a patent lawsuit verses TaylorMade golf for the technology in their P790 irons. He claimed that there were multiple infringements of their PXG irons. The other part of the lawsuit PXG is suing the major retailers including WorldWide Golf Shops, PGA Tour Superstore, and Dicks Sporting Goods just to name a few that they sued for selling them.

We don’t want to get into the patent suit between the 2 club manufacturers but we would like to address what this is doing to the retailers.  The big box retailers are the bread and butter of where the majority of golfers get their equipment. They sell more equipment to consumers than the club companies do directly as well as pro-shops all around the country. Suing them could be very detrimental to the game of golf.

Golf is already a struggling with participation. We all know that rounds are down and we just saw Titleist second quarter numbers showing us that they are losing money. It isn’t like the game is healthy so suing the big box sales locations for anything more than stopping them from selling the irons in question could be catastrophic for the game.  

The Golfing Dads have all of these locations that are being sued around us and we, just like most of Orlando get golf supplies there.  If they were to go out of business it would eliminate the ability to purchase things like golf balls, gloves, tees, test golf equipment and find the newest shoes or clothing.  We would have to result to doing things on line, not giving us the chance to hit balls and with different clubs and find the best clubs for each and everyone of us.  

If you want to purchase a set of PXG clubs with their custom fitting it is going to cost you over $17,000 for the fitting in Arizona and your travel and lodging for three days.  This isn’t something that the average golfer can afford.  This is what the 1%ers of the world can afford.  If the average golfer can’t go to their local golf shop and purchase equipment because they have been closed due to the litigation it will not only ruin the equipment industry but it will ruin the golf courses by noting giving anyone equipment to get out and play on will take rounds played down further than they are now making more courses close and it harder for people to play golf.  

Dads Say So, the lawsuit by PXG against TaylorMade is a matter between the 2 manufacturers.  Sure the new company that owns TaylorMade may look to settle this out of court.  This suit with the retailers needs to be addressed quickly.  This could be the worse thing to happen to the game of golf and the growth of it ever.  These golf stores are the biggest life line to the industry and while Mr. Parsons thinks that everyone should pay for his equipment but being realistic it is just not affordable to 99% of the world.  The golf world shouldn’t sit by lightly and watch the outcome of this, one of the biggest reasons for lack of participation is cost and this lawsuit could put all of us in a position where we are all priced out of this great game.  

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