Belts tend to all be the same, certain length and holes along the way for you to adjust the size of them should you add or lose weight.  Some of the newer belt companies make their belts one size and you can trim them to fit your size but they still have holes in them, that is until Nexbelt. 

Nexbelt is a trim to fit belt that doesn’t have any holes in it.  It has a slide system that allows the belt to fit to a perfect size so you always have an exact fit.  They call is PreciseFit and it works great.  This is great so you know your pants will never fall down and your belt will always be in place.  

Nexbelt has many of different options with some really cool buttons.  They sent us their X Series Golf Belt that had a compartment on it that opened and closed and included a ball marker.  This is a nice touch so that you always know where your ball marker is.  

We found the belt to be very comfortable and fit precisely as they should with the technology they have in them.  They also will come in handy if you are having an all you can eat wing night at the restaurant as you can loosen it and give you some more room to eat some more wings.  That could come in handy when your out with your friends and trying to eat that last bite of food.  

In some news just released yesterday Nexbelt announced that they’ve donated $1,000.00 to the American Red Cross for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, and in addition, will be donating 20% of all Heritage Texas Belt and Buckle sales (both retail and wholesale) to the fund between now and December 31, 2017.  This is a great reason to go and buy a new belt and support the hurricane relief.  

Dads Say So if you are in the market for a new belt you need to go to and get your PreciseFit belt.  There are some really cool options and different belt colors and buckle options that allow you to get creative and look awesome.  They now have a Presidents Cup edition belt that says USA on it and comes in a white or blue leather.  They look awesome so check them out and get your next belt that will always fit precisely.  Go to and order yours.    

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