The Golfing Dads played 36 holes on Monday and the afternoon round was at Barefoot Resort on the Norman Course.  After grabbing a quick lunch we headed back out and decided to play a scramble and have some fun and conserve some energy.  

In playing a scramble we played the middle tees to have some fun and keep everyone on the same tee box.  The holes required you to play some smart shots and play conservative for the longer hitters as it made the golf course a position course.  It was a lot of fun to play the course shorter and think about hitting some different shots.  

The front nine opens with a straight forward par 4 that you need to hit the fairway and then if you hit the green you have a birdie putt.  The next seven holes are pretty normal and if you check out or video you will see some of them and how we played them.  

The ninth is a short par 5 that was playing into the wind today.  After hitting a good drive we had 230 yards to the pin and Steve hit his M2 3 wood to 10 feet from the hole.  While the team didn’t make the eagle putt we did make a birdie and headed to the signature hole at Barefoot.

The 10th at Barefoot is an awesome par 3.  It plays downhill and from the back tees its 203 yards.  We played it at 135 yards and while we were hitting our shots we saw boats and jet skis going back and forth on the inter coastal waterway.  After getting to the tee we understand why they take so many pictures of the 10th hole, with the water, view, and the elevation change it has to be one of the most photographed holes on the strand.

The rest of the back nine has some great holes that run along the inter coastal and allow for some very distracting views along with playing golf.  When you get to 18, you are going away from the water but have a dogleg left par 5 that allow the longer hitters to reach back and go for the green in 2.  Steve hit a great drive on a very aggressive line and left the team with 151 yards to the flag out of the right rough.  While we didn’t make the birdie it was really fun to play.

Dads Say So, overall the Norman Course was a lot of fun to play.  The holes along the water are a must play if you are in Myrtle Beach and allow you to really enjoy the view along with playing some great holes.  Our team didn’t win today but we did have a lot of fun playing some great golf holes and have a lot of great memories due to the views and great course that we played.  This needs to be a must play if you are coming to Myrtle Beach on a buddies trip.  Trust us you will not be disappointed.  

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