On Saturday morning we drove up to Myrtle Beach excited to get on the golf course and tee it up. When we arrived we talked about going and playing a quick 9 holes to get some swings in and after looking at the radar we ended up at Walmart as the final bands from Hurricane Harvey were making their way through the area.

Sunday we woke up and were waiting on a couple friends to join us. This afternoon we found ourselves at one of, if not the top rated, courses in Myrtle Beach, Tidewater Golf Club.

For those of you who have played Tidewater you know what we are talking about. The course has some of the best views in Myrtle Beach and it includes the best hole in the entire Strand area, number 4. Just your average par 4 overlooking the sound and marsh area with water down the left hand side and a fairway that was 50 feet above the water and a fairway bunker running down the left side of the fairway.  

We started on the 10th hole and at Tidewater that isn’t terrible other than you finish on a par 3 but it is a dandy of one.  The golf course was cart path only as it was still wet from the rain that was left over from Hurricane Harvey, hopefully tomorrow we wont have to play cart path only.  

Tidewater has 4 holes that run along the water.  Holes 3, 4, 12 and 13 all run along the marsh and have some amazing views.  If you look at our video here you will see the amazing vistas you have on these holes.  One of the really cool things is on number 13 you can see the Atlantic Ocean in the background.  Its a really impressive view.  

While the four of these holes get all attention at Tidewater, the rest of the course can really sneak up on you and will cause some issues for you.  Tidewater really requires you to be able to play all of the shots and not have a let up on any hole.  

Dads Say So, if you are in Myrtle Beach and your are not scheduled to play Tidewater you are truly missing out.  This is one of the best courses, not only in Myrtle Beach but on the east coast.  There are so many great holes that require you to golf a ball that you have no let up.  The staff is amazing and the only thing we can find to say about it was it was cart path only and there was a lot of walking.  None of us can control that and they are trying to protect the course so that it is awesome for everyone.  On any trip to Myrtle Beach you need to add Tidewater and make it a must play on your list.  The golf course is awesome and so are the people there!  




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