Not so long ago people used a quarter or any other piece of change that they liked to mark their golf ball. Today there are companies out there that will make you your very own personalized ball marker. We do a lot of work with and for Liberty Ball Markers so when the time came for our trip to Myrtle Beach we had some conversations about some ball markers to remember the trip by,

We settled on the front side of the marker saying and the back side says Myrtle Beach 2017 and has everyone’s name on it. Were really excited to have everyone use them, not just on the trip but in their rounds after we leave Myrtle Beach.

Dads Say So, if you looking for something cool to remember your buddies trip, wedding, bachelor party, family reunion, or any other gathering reach out to Liberty Ball Markers and have them make some for you. Trust us, you will not be disappointed and after its over you will smile thinking about the great memories you have from your occasion.

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