When you go on a golf vacation there are things that we all know need to be packed.  Golf clubs, clothes, and toiletries are some of the necessities that need to be included but there are some other things that need to be packed along the way that are almost just as necessary.  

Depending on where you are going and when you are going there sun block is a must have.  The harmful UV rays need to stay away and keep away the skin cancer.

Rain Gear is something to look at as you check out your weather app on your devices and see if you need to bring it.

Plenty of underwear.  Trust us if it is hot you will need to make sure you are stocked on boxer briefs.  

Socks…you may need a new pair for each round.  Pack plenty of them.  

Cell phone, tablet and computer.  And you better not forget their chargers.  For bloggers like us we need to remember the GoPro and all of its accessories too.  

Power Banks.  Never know when you will need one for your phone or speaker on the course.  Make sure you have one handy.   

Golf Balls, a cowboy wouldn’t go to a gun fight with out bullets now would he?

Directions, if you phone doesn’t get service you could be lost if you are driving.  Take the time and print them out.  

Clothes to lounge around the room in.  You want to be as comfortable as possible at night when you are back at the room.     

Snacks, if your driving you need to make sure you have something to snack on.  On the golf course you always need to make sure you are prepared to keep your energy up.  We suggest David Sunflower Seeds and always your favorite beef jerky.  

Hats, plenty of them, if one gets wet or soaked in sweat changing them out will be a great thing to do.  

Poker Chips, on a buddies trip you never know when a poker game may break out.  

Tee Time confirmations.  Just in case the course looses them.  

A list of local restaurants.  Maybe do your research a head of time on tripadvisor.com or google.  

A cooler.  If you don’t have a refrigerator in your room it can really come in handy.  Keep your beverage of choice cold and if you drive it can come in handy to keep the water and sports drink cold along the way.  

Cigars.  Some people think they are a necessity.  If you are bringing them make sure you have your cutter and a lighter too.  

Don’t forget that bluetooth speaker for on the course.  These trips are meant to be fun.  Turn the music up and enjoy it.  

If your driving, or have space in your suitcase and have a favorite pillow you may want to bring it.  It could help you sleep better and help your recovery after playing 36 holes so you feel refreshed to play the next day.  

Dads Say So, these are a few of the things we think are necessary to take with you on a trip.  We are taking a few more things with us as we will be reviewing some products along the way so they will be in the car when we leave.  When we pack we do suggest that you pack the shorts/pants and shirt you are going to wear together so that it makes it easier in the morning.   Remember guys, your wives wont be there to tell you what to wear so make it as easy as possible for yourself to get dressed in the morning.  These trips are fun so make sure that you have that on 

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