Our good friends at Cleveland Golf sent us their new CBX wedge for us to review.  This is a wedge that, as is stated on the sticker on the club face, “The wedge for golfers who use cavity back irons.”  We found this to be an interesting concept as many golfer put blade wedges, like their RTX-3 model, in their bag.  

We gave the 48º pitching wedge to Mike to review, but while he was reviewing it Cleveland did send out an email that highlighted the benefits of the wedge.  So we thought we would include it.  

The first thing they did was give both wedges a similar address view and included the Rotex Milled Face similar to the RTX-3 wedge.  That is where the similarities stop.

The new CBX wedge has added weight to the toe for increased feel and they increased the heel width to allow for more versatility for higher handicap golfers.  They also went with a perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on the off center shots.  

These are all great things to have in the design of a wedge for a golfer looking to improve.  After giving it to Mike, here is what he found.   

“We’ve used this new Cleveland CBX pitching wedge in 2 rounds and during practice sessions. Our overall impression is “WOW”. The club sits nicely behind the ball and we didn’t have to adjust the lie. We literally set the club down behind the ball and hit it. The head of the club seems sole weighted and hits through the ball with ease. For average golfers, a wider flange on the bottom of the club is helpful when hitting shots. In our experience, we’ve found shots fly straight and land softly. Around the green, the CBX is able to get down into rough areas and allow the ball to come out with some control.”

This week Cleveland Golf started taking pre-orders on the CBX irons.  If the irons are as good as the wedges are every average golfer should be carrying them in their bag because they will help you improve!

Dads Say So, the design team at Cleveland Golf has been really busy designing some awesome equipment that will not just help the guys we all watch on TV, but help each and every golfer out there.  Thinking about how many golfers use a club that they shouldn’t be using, Cleveland Golf is doing a great job giving golfers of all ability the option to find the best club for your game.  To get get yours go to clevelandgolf.com or your nearest golf shop and order yours today!  

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