The amazing part about golf is it is a game that anyone can play the game, all you need is a love for the game and a passion to get out there daily and tee it up.  No where is the passion more prevalent that with our friends at Rock’n LM Golf.  

The team at Rock’n LM are Native Americans from Chinle, AZ, two and a half hours from their local golf course.  That makes golf a 10 hour round when you consider the travel time associated with it.  That takes a lot of dedication to want to tee it up.  

When you live that far away from the nearest golf course that also means you live that from from the closest golf shop.  They decided that they would fix that problem and created their own mobile golf shop.  Along with hats, equipment and training aids they sell their own Native American design Pendleton Headcovers.  

They sent us a really cool Pendleton #3 Red Driver Headcover to review.  The first thing you notice about the cover is the cool design.  When you pick it up it is really soft.  All of them are hand made and stitched and have a black liner inside the cover.  There is plenty of protection that your $500 driver will be ok.

Their covers start at $40 and go up to as high as $80 but with the cool designs and different colors you can find one that will match your golf bag, or help you stick out if you are looking to do that too.  They have covers for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and putters so you can add one of them to your bag. Your friends and playing partners are sure to ask you about your headcovers if you have one from Rock’n LM on your bag.  

Dads Say So, the Rock’n LM Pendleton Headcovers are a really cool design that will also look amazing on your bag. Thinking about the dedication that the team at Rock’n LM have to do all of this living 2.5 hours away from their nearest golf course shows the desire and dedication that they have to this great game and we love supporting anyone who loves the game as much as we do that has that much dedication to helping grow the game and make it fun.  To order your new headcover go to and get one now.  

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