If you thought that all golf towels were created equally, you were wrong.  There are golf towels and then there are Uther Golf Towels.  

The waffle weave towels are becoming somewhat common place among most golfers because they hold water very well.  Many of them that you find a courses are very thin, but still hold water great.  Uther Towels are thicker and heavier and hold water better than the others.  

Uther sent us the Bahama Swordfish towel to review.  It is 20 inches by 40 inches that is designed great.  It is blue with a white swordfish on it and is thick and very absorbent.  It also dries quicker than a regular towel, but will stay wet for 18 holes!  We tested it on a 95º day in Central Florida and had no issue with it staying wet.  

Another thing we found great about the Uther Towel is the 4.5 inch center slit on it to hang on your umbrella, alignment sticks, or one of your clubs to always know where it is.  If you walk this is a huge benefit.  If you use a push cart you can hang it on your handle and it’s right there for you to use.  Riding, you have an endless number of possibilities.   

Another cool thing that they will do at Uther is make a custom order for logo’d merchandise they can make custom towels for your company or bachelor party or guys golf trip. There is a minimum order of 30 for that.  

Dads Say So if you are looking for a new towel you need to go to uthergolf.com and order yours today.  They have a some great patterns and the quality is second to none.  We are thinking about ordering some with The Golfing Dads logo on them for give away items or just to our friends to help spread the word.  



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