For some reason golf bags never have enough pockets for everything we want to carry with us.  It seems we have to always find other things to put in our bags to hold things like our ball markers, divot tools, tees or snacks.  We are always looking for something to keep our bags more organized, and that is where Tee Bagz come in.

Tee Bagz are marine grade vinyl pouches that with the Velcro in the middle of them you can slide your tees into them and they hold them in place.  It doesn’t matter what kind of tees you have it will hold them.  It will also hold up to 18 tees so you will have no problem getting through a round.  

A cool thing about the Tee Bagz is they can design and build them to match your bag, put your logo on them or add anything you want on them. If you are hosting a golf outing it is a great tee gift for people that they can clip right on their bag and you know where your tees are.  If we loose a tee in our round we are digging into a bag in our ball pouch to get a new one out.  With the Tee Bagz we just grab one from the side of the bag and go.  

For those of you who own companies this is a great marketing tool to put your logo on if you have a lot of customers who play golf.  Do you own or manage a golf course, this is a great thing to put in your pro shop for the members or golfers to have something different with your logo on it.  You can also order them to remember a great golf vacation for the group of people going and they are only $15.99 a piece on line.  

Dads Say So the Tee Bagz are something that can make your golf bag more organized, easier to find what you’re looking for and more enjoyable.  Tees are almost as important as a golf ball is to playing and you can use it for multiple things in a round of golf so being easy to find is a huge bonus.  They can put custom logos stitched or screened so you have ultimate customization.  If you struggle with organization or just want something really cool on your bag or you’re looking for a unique gift go to and order yours today!   


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