We need to start this post by saying that if you have not heard of or seen a Bradley Putter you need to go and check them out.  First reason is because they look awesome.  They are made out of wood and acrylic.  Secondly they feel better than they look. 

Brad, of Bradly Putters sent us a blue Luna style putter made of Box Elder wood.  The putter is 34 inches and has 2.5º of loft and weights 360 grams.  We know all of this because inside the best deliver box ever, it looks like a tree, comes a card with all of the information about your putter.  It is a great touch so you know what you are holding.  

If you go on line to order your’s, you can click on the wood your looking for, then the putter design and then make any additional things you want on it.  If you want a line, dots, or anything else to mark the center of the face he can do that.  Different colored paint fill, not a problem.  Have a logo you want on the putter they can do that.  There are also a number of different grips for you to chose from.  Ours came with a blue leather grip on it that feels awesome and perfectly matched the club. 

The putters also come with a really cool leather cover that the edges are stitched together.  The only problem that we found with the cover, and Brad has already fixed this, was that it was too loose.  We felt like it was going to come off the putter if the cart rattled.  Just last week he posted a new video of a new cover on Instagram that fits snug around the putter now.  This will be a great addition to an already amazing putter.  

On the course, this putter was amazing.  The first time on the course in a month Steve made 4 birdies with it and only had 26 putts. The feel and ease of alignment made this putter one of the best we have tested.  And it is the best looking putter we have every used.  

The grip on the putter is a blue leather stitch back grip that is a pistol design.  We have to say that we are impartial to our 3.0 grips but this blue leather grip looks too good to take off of this piece of art so we are going to leave it on there to go with the blue theme.  

Dads Say So, if you don’t believe our post check out our video review of the putter.  This is the most unique and best responding putter we have tested to date.  Yes, the putter is expensive.  There is no denying that.  At the end of the day would any of us spend a good amount of money to put something in the bag that is going to take strokes  off of your game?  These are worth every penny you will pay for them.  Remember that the putter is the club in your bag you do use on every hole so with that being said maybe you should spend the most amount of money on it?  To order your’s go to bradleyputters.com and get your piece of art now.  The only problem you may have with it, is deciding to put it in your bag or on your wall in your living room, it looks that good!

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