We don’t do a lot of comparison reviews but our friend Brad at Liberty Ball Markers asked us if we would compare his copper ball markers to his new aluminum ball markers.  We said of course we would.

We need to start by saying we really like our copper ball markers.  If you remember we did a post about a lucky ball marker and getting a personalized marker from Liberty Ball Markers and we have a few friends who even ordered their own from them because they liked them so much.  

When you first pick up the aluminum marker you notice the weight difference compared to the copper.  The aluminum is much lighter.  It almost feels like you are not holding anything when it is in your hand.  This is good an bad.  The good is there is no additional weight in your pocket, but there were a couple things that we didn’t like about that.  First we are afraid that if you are riding in a cart it could fall out of your pocket like all of us have had a quarter fall out and not be able to find it.  The other thing that we found was today one of our playing partners hit a chip shot that rolled over it and we saw the ball marker jump up off the ground.  That isn’t a good thing to have happen.  

One of the things we really liked about it was how bright the aluminum was.  If you put it down behind the ball and are walking around the hole you have no problem seeing it on the ground to help you line up your putt.  That is a great thing to have on overcast days when it is harder to pick up objects on the green.  

Dads Say So we are torn on the copper vs aluminum debate.  Mike really likes the aluminum as it is easier to see on the green and is lighter in weight.  Steve really likes the classic look of the copper and the heaviness of it when you are not on the green to remember that it is in your pocket.  The copper will also tarnish over time and get a really cool look to it.  Either way you can’t go wrong with picking out your preference and getting your lucky ball marker from Liberty Ball Markers.  For you our readers, it is going to come down to a matter of choice.  Better yet, just order one of each!Find them on social media or on their website at libertyballmarkers.com.  Both of the markers are $16 each, so 2 will cost you $32.  A great price for anything custom!  

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