Green Valley Country Club is located off State Road 50, this course is 2 miles west of Clermont, FL. The course was designed by Lloyd Clifton and founded in 1967 as a 9-hole course. Green Valley expanded to 18-holes in 1989. They advertise being less than 30 minutes from Orlando. Both the fairways and greens are Bermuda. This course offers something many central Florida course do not-elevation changes. We hit numerous shots from slightly elevated tee boxes. Conversely, there were shots we had to hit up to an elevated green. The 6th hole offers a beautiful vista looking westward.

Employees in the pro shop were friendly and courteous. This same attitude was found in the restaurant where the wait staff seemed to bend over backwards to serve players. Workers throughout the course were friendly and waved. On a couple occasions, however, workers driving lawn mowers or using weed whackers didn’t stop when a player hit a shot. This was rare but did occur.

The Golfing Dads played the course earlier this spring and returned with some trepidation. When played earlier, conditions were poor from the driving range and throughout the entire course. In fact, the driving range could previously be described as dirt. On our most recent trip to Green Valley, the conditions were much improved. While there were some bare areas, we were able to find grass on the driving range. In the center of the driving tee area was a cement square listing distances to flags on the driving range. We felt the distances were accurate and allowed a player to warm up hitting shots to a known distance.

There is one small putting area near the driving range. Size wise, it is difficult for more than 8 players to practice putting. On the day we played, many players skipped the putting green altogether. There is a practice area where players can work on hitting chip shots to a green. This green is much larger but does not yield itself to practice putting due to ball marks on the green from chip shots. More appropriately, players can hit chip shots and work on their “around the green game”.

From the Black tees, this course can play to 7,003 yards. Besides Black tees, there are 4 other sets of tees on this course. They measure from 6,614 yards (Blue tees) down to 5,059 yards (Red tees). Design wise, we felt this course had a good golf layout. While there were some straight shots, many hole required players to position a tee shot in order to have a shot at the green. Nothing was more true than on Hole 18. Players have to hit a tee shot far enough (without going into the rough) in order to have a shot around a large Oak tree on the left side of the fairway. Similarly, on Hole 9, players have to position tee shots on the right hand side of the fairway so as not to be blocked out by a large tree and large bunker. Water isn’t really a factor on this course. There is water on the right hand sides of 10, 12, and 18. On Hole 7 and 8, players are required to hit shots over water to the green. The Par 3 holes on the front side measure longer than 180 yards with Hole 8 measuring 230 yards from the Black tees. On the back nine, Hole 11 measures 225 from the Black tees but only 130 yards on Hole 13.

Other than a few tee boxes, the course tee areas were well maintained and appeared to have tee markers moved around to limit wear in one spot. Fairways were much improved from our earlier experience. During the round, we didn’t feel we had to roll the ball to get a good lie when in the fairway. On the other hand, the rough wasn’t so nice and had some spotty grass areas. In many cases, the rough penalized a player but that is what happens when a tee shot isn’t in the fairway. There were yardage markers in the fairway for 200, 150, and 100 yards. We found a few distance markers on sprinkler heads. Overall, the distance markers to be accurate to the middle of the green.

Green Valley uses red, white, blue flag colors. Generally, the pin locations were in sync with the flag colors. We felt the green quality was excellent and similar in quality to the putting green. Putts were easy to control and a player didn’t have to “ram” the putt to get the ball to the hole. We found grass on putting surfaces to be very consistent from hole to hole. The only blemish was on the 3rd hole where the left hand side of the green had some issues. Traps were hard to rate due to a heavy rain the night before we played.

Dads Say So, iIf we had rated this course after playing it in May, the article would have been very critical due to poor conditions. On our recent trip to Green Valley, we feel the course management group ( GolfVisions Management) deserves kudos for significantly improved quality in only 3 months. To book your tee time go go and book your tee time now! You will have an enjoyable round.

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