The Golfing Dads had a chance to go down to Topgolf Tampa and do a review. We are really excited for the new Topgolf Orlando to open this fall and wanted to see what we are in for here when it opens. Click here for our video of our night at Topgolf Tampa.

For those of you who do not have a Topgolf near you, or have not been to the location closest to you, it is amazing. There are targets set up starting at 30 yards going all the way to 215 yards. There are servers at each bay to get you food, drink and check on your experience.

Along with your hitting bay there is a sports bar set up and private dining rooms if you are looking for a business meeting and Topgolf experience or a birthday party in a private area.

When you get into your bay there are different games you can play to test your target golf ability. It isn’t all about the driver and hitting it a long way. We played their “Topshot” game where we had to hit targets starting 30 yards and get points for hitting the targets.

The next game we played was TopScramble where you got points for hitting targets. The further the target and the closer you got to the flag the more points you got. You could also rip it at the back wall and the closer you got to center you could get as many as 75 points depending on the accuracy at over 200 yards.

One of our favorite parts about Topgolf is the technology they own. This proprietary technology is awesome as it allows you to hit a ball and then see where in the target it lands. All you have to do is turn around and look at the display screen behind you and you can find out where you hit the ball to and see how close you were to the target.

The last game we played was TopPressure, which requires you to hit the ball into all 9 sections of the target getting points for each section at 50 yards. You have 30 swings to do so and if you complete it you move on to level two. It was a lot of fun to play as you can really get the trash talking going if you are winning or losing.

We did get some food while we were there. We got a flatbread, cheese burger and then some pretzel bites that came with the best cheese dip ever. The food was all awesome and Steve’s wife is excited for the Orlando location to open so it is a shorter ride to get the pretzel bites. They were really good.

The staff at Topgolf was very attentive. From the moment you walk in the door they are there to greet you and help you in your experience. They offered to take our bags for us to our hitting bay, they got us set up and stopped back by to make sure all was going well.

As we get closer to the Orlando location opening we are getting more and more excited. We can imagine many a night hanging out there and playing in their league as a way for us to not only work on our game but to make it a great fun night out. Topgolf has figured out the future of golf. It is good for anyone to play at any skill level and no one feels left out. Even if you chose not to play you can still have a good time hanging out with your friends who are playing. We are really excited for the opening in Orlando, while Tampa was a lot of fun it was a longer car ride for us to get to experience and we can see many of nights were there is a lot of trash talking and good entertainement that will take place at Topgolf. If you are looking for a great night out go to and find the location near you. Along with Orlando there are other locations opening soon so make sure you continure to check them out for updates and all things Topgolf!

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