We do a lot of training aid reviews and for good reason. As golfers we are all looking to get better and improve our score. There is a putting training aid out there the we just finished testing that if you struggle with putting you NEED to get. It is the FOCUS Putt Amazing.

The FOCUS is a device that with Velcro straps attaches at the top of your putter it then adjusts to that it hits you in the sternum giving you an anchoring point to rock the putter back and through getting you a repeatable pendulum motion every time.  

As we practiced our putting with it on it did take a little bit to get used to it as it just doesn’t feel normal unless you have had a bell putter in your bag.  After about 5-10 minutes it felt normal and gave you a great feeling putting.  

If you struggle with a repeatable putting stroke or a stroke that you have a tendency to move the putter off line when you putt the Focus teaches you a stroke that stays on line for the entire stroke and will have you hit more putts solid each and every time.  

The Focus is also great to use  without a golf ball.  You can attach it your putter and just work on your stroke and that muscle memory.  Along with working the big muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders it also removes the wrist action in your swing.  This will in turn allow you to make more putts.  

Dads Say So, if you struggle with your stroke and are looking to improve it you need to get the FOCUS Putt Amazing.  Their guarantee is that you will Putt Amazing and this is a training aid that will help you with that.   To get your FOCUS Putt Amazing go to focusputting.com or visit our great friends at golftrainingaids.com.   

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