Recently we put a post up about re-gripping golf clubs and using duck tape to increase the grip size.  Due to the success of the post we have decided that we need to give you more uses for duck tape in golf.  Some of these maybe true and others may be a joke but we hope you laugh at all of them!  

If you are on the course and get a little upset and slam you club into the bag and break a hole in the bottom of the bag, duck tape can help patch your bag up and get you through the end of the round.  Just ask our friend Dave about this…it got him through a round.

If you stand bag “slips” on a wet hill and the leg breaks, grab your duck tape.  It will hold that leg in place until the round is over and you can get a new bag.  

Getting ready to play in a tournament and you need a yardage book cover to protect you yardage book?  If you grab some duck tape and search the internet, you can make your own and be ready to go to take on the field.  

Do you have that friend who talks too much on the golf course?  Take a piece of duck tape and put it over his mouth and tee off in silence.

Want to play a joke on your friends?  Hide the flag stick on a par 3 and cover the hole with camouflage duck tape.  They will never be able to find the hole.  

The sole of your shoe comes loose mid round and can’t get to your car for another pair?  Wrap some duck tape around it and finish your round in style.  

Need some more traction with your soft spikes?  Roll some duck tape so there is a sticky side facing out and you will never slip again!

We don’t condone stealing, but if your low on money and you’re hungry and the beverage cart girl comes around, have your friend distract/flirt (if you need advice on the latter as our friend Mel) her and put some duck tape on the toe of your 7 iron and get that Snickers bar to give you the energy to get your through the round.  

Bending over to line up a putt and blow the inseam out of your pants.  Duck tape has your covered, literally.  

Carrying your bag and the strap breaks.  Its really uncomfortable to carry the bag by the handle, so take the duck tape and tape the strap and get your 18 in.  

Is the cup holder broken or are there not enough?  Tape your beverage to your cart frame and you have added another cup holder.  

Hit the flag stick on the fly and break it?  Duck tape has you covered.  No need to call the superintendent out, just tape it and its ready to go.  

Did you go all Tiger Woods at Bay Hill and throw your hat after making a putt and when you find it the brim is broken.  Don’t worry, duck tape will save the day and re-attach the brim and you can still keep the sun out of your eyes.  

No spot in the cart to hold your speaker?  Duck Tape it to the roof and you have your tunes blaring!

Now lets say you hit a ball and the club head flies off or the shaft breaks, you take out your duck tape and you have your club good as new.  

Dads Say So some of these really will work on the golf course.  As a result we think you should consider carrying a role of duck tape in your bag at all times.  If you are looking to spice it up there are many other colors other than grey. You never know when you may need it.  We really hope you enjoy reading this cause we really had a good time coming up with the list.  



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