Many of us golfers have a putting mat at home for us to work on our putting. Most of them are green with a hole cut out at one end and give you the illusion of being on the course as you practice.

The Wellputt mat is a putting mat with out a hole cut out in it but it does have a circle imprinted on it. It also has a zone that a perfect putt should travel so you know if you hit a good putt.  This is better than the illusion of hitting a ball in the hole.  This can teach you accuracy, speed and gain great visualization along the way.  

We tested the 10 foot mat at the pro speed. We found it to be very consistent with the speed on fast greens and something that every golfer should put into their practice session for 10 minutes a day. We are going to continue to use ours daily not only to help with our putting but to also do initial testing with when we get putters so we know how they react when we get on the golf course.

The Wellputt comes with a training book that you are probably thinking that it doesn’t need to be used…it actually works and gives you drills to do that will improve your putting.  It gives you different angles and forces you to work on being consistent in your approach.  This will improve your putting routine.  

With the different lines on the mat you can practice from different angles and distances to work on your speed control. While we tested the 10 foot mat it also comes in 13 and 26 feet. This is great if you have more space than a living room to practice in.

Dads Say So, we really like the Wellputt 10 foot mat. Professionals make about 50% of their 10 foot putts and if you are looking to improve you need to work on your putts from 5 feet and it. This mat allows you to do that and practice a lot of different things along the way. If you are in the market for a new putting mat we highly suggest you go to see our friends at or and order your Wellputt today. Making the 5 foot putts and in will give you the confidence to be more aggressive on the longer putts. 

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