Golf Buddies Trip have always been popular and we are really excited that in less than a month we are going to be able to bring you some buddies golf trips posts from a trip that has been 7 months in the works. Over Labor Day Weekend, The Golfing Dads will be going to Myrtle Beach.

There is going to be 7 of us going to play a lot of golf and do not only course reviews but there will be product reviews to follow as well as ideas for you to do on your next trip there.

Myrtle Beach is an amazing golf destination. If you have not been there, you need to go. There is amazing golf, resorts set up for guys golf trips great restaurants and nightlife and an all around great place to have a great time.

While we are there we are going to be reviewing some great courses. We are staying at Barefoot Resort and will be playing the 4 courses there. Along with that we will be playing Myrtle Beach National Kings North, Grande Dunes Resort Course and Tidewater. On the way up to Myrtle we are going to stop along the way and play at Santee National in Santee , SC.

We are looking at 8 rounds of golf in 5 days. Yes we are making sure we take the heating pads and Advil but this is a golf vacation and it is first and foremost about the golf we are going to play.

We have some great restaurants that we are going to take in and enjoy along the way and look forward to sharing with you too. We may even show you some out takes along the way (never know if someone may hit a shank or two).

Dads Say So, if you are looking for a great place for a buddies trip look no further than Myrtle Beach. Between the golf and everything else there is to do there you need to make it there. Were playing a lot of courses we have not played on our previous trips up there, only repeating Tidewater.  We look forward to sharing this with you on our journey, and you never know, maybe in one of our videos you may hear some Journey! Were looking forward to it and we hope you are too.

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