The wedge design team at Cleveland Golf has been busy lately making some new wedges to help the average golfer. One of those wedges is the new Smart Sole 3S Wedge.  We have had the opportunity to test it out recently and were very impressed.  Click here to see our video of Mike working around the green with it.  

First thing you will notice about the wedge is the generous amount of bounce that they have added to the wedge. This allows you to get away with miss hits out of the sand much easier and get them closer to the flag.  

Out of the bunker you will have no issue getting the ball up in the air and letting it stop softly as you are working on getting the ball closer to the flag.  The fat shots still fly up in the air and come down on the green and will leave you with a great chance to save your score.  We even found Mike spinning chip shots with the wedge, something he has struggled to do for a long time out of the sand.   

We hit some short sided chip shots with the Smart Sole 3S Wedge and found it easy to hit and control the distance. A well struck shot would get close to the flag just like any other wedge.  We did find that one hit slightly off would roll out a little bit more but still the ball stayed within 10 feet of the hole.  This is a huge bonus.  

The look of the Cleveland Smart Sole 3S Wedge is a nice clean look when you set it down.  It looks just like any other wedge you have ever seen.  Just like in their RTX-3 wedges they have moved some of the weight from the hozel this time out on the toe giving you more feel around the greens.  

The wedge only comes in one loft, 58º.  This is great as it will allow you to hit the ball high and soft and get it closer for those delicate shots around the greens.  

Dads Say So, if you struggle around the greens, like Mike from The Golfing Dads does, you need to add the Cleveland Smart Sole 3S Wedge into your bag.  It will not only help you lower your score but it will give you more confidence in those delicate shots around the greens where you need to get the ball up in the air and hit a quality shot that will be the envy of your playing partners.  They will see you use it and want to know how you improved and will probably want one of their own.  To get yours go to or your local golf shop today.  The retail price of the wedge is $119 with a steel shaft and $129 with graphite.  

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