With all of the events that go on at the end of the year the PGA Championship is stuck in a bad spot. It is already 3 weeks after the British Open and falls right before the FedEx Cup playoffs and is the week after a WGC event.

There have been rumors for what seems like forever that they were going to move the event to May, thus all but moving The Players Championship back to the end of March. This will be interesting to see in that the changes done to TPC Sawgrass were done with a May tournament in mind.  The golf course wont play with the Tiff Eagle Grass as intended, instead it will play with an over-seeded rye grass.  

The PGA is going to be played Memorial Day weekend.  A popular travel weekend but also a weekend that isn’t too hot in the southern states like Florida and Texas giving them more options of places to host it.  We would love Florida as it would be a home game for us to go to a major.  

There are writers out there that think this will open up the doors to make The Players the 5th Major.  There is no way with a March time slot that will ever happen.  First and foremost, The Masters will never give up their spot as the first major of the year, signifying spring to a lot of people around the country.  It also would have made more sense to make The Players the 5th major in May when you would have had a major every month from April to August.

There are a couple very big reasons for this move as well.  First, The PGA was going to have to move every 4 years due to the Olympics and now that they include golf they have to move it to avoid that conflict.  The other reason is now they will end the FedEx Cup playoffs by Labor Day weekend.  This will avoid conflicts with the NFL schedule on Sundays.  

Dads Say So moving The PGA makes a lot of sense.  It opens up more venues and we expect that the next future venue will either be in Florida or Texas as it makes a lot of sense and the PGA would be showing the changes they want to make the first chance they get.  Memorial Day makes a lot of sense in that it is still 3 weeks out from the US Open and is a holiday weekend.  We really like the move too because now our wives won’t complain about us going to Sawgrass for the final round as it isn’t on Mother’s Day any more! (He we are The Golfing Dads).

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