The field for The PGA Championship is one of the best fields for the year based on a couple of reasons.  First they find the best players playing now on tour as they get the winners out there.  Second they bring 20 of the PGA Club Professionals who spend their days giving lessons, working in the shop, greeting their members and working hard at the grass roots level to play against the tour players.

To qualify for the PGA Championship you have to finish in the top 20 from the PGA Club Pro Championship Tournament.  Here is the list of players who have done that.

Omar Uresti 

Dave McNabb 

Paul Claxton 

Mike Small 

Rich Berberian, Jr. 

Adam Rainaud 

Jamie Broce 

Rod Perry 

Jaysen Hansen 

Alex Beach 

JJ Wood 

Chris Moody 

Greg Gregory 

Ryan Vermeer

Brian Smock 

Scott Hebert 

Kenny Pigman 

Matt Dobyns 

Stuart Deane 

David Muttitt 

Do any of these guys have a chance to compete this week against the best in the world?  They are in the field and of course have a chance.  Omar Uresti used to play on the PGA Tour and players like Matt Dobyns, Rod Perry and Mike Small are all very accomplished players.  

In looking at the rest of the field there are the usual suspects that will all be there.  The winner will probably the player who drives it long and straight as the added length and Bermuda rough are going to require you to keep the ball in play.  

Quail Hollow was the site of Rickey Fowler’s first victory on tour.  Could that lead to more magic and him getting his first major?  Jimmy Walker is the defending champion and no one has defended their title since Tiger Woods did in 2006-2007.  

Dads Say So we love the PGA Championship as it gives back to the guys we all see each and every day when we go to the course.  This course tends to be the course that is set up the fairest annually for the players to compete at the highest level and the players who are playing the best coming in tend to win.  Come Sunday afternoon someone will be lifting the Wanamaker Trophy and we can’t wait to see who it is.  

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